Is Legacy the right gym for me?

Legacy Fit is great for anyone – It does not matter what level of fitness you are when you start, it is about where you want to go! Our workouts are scaled to help you get started.

Do I workout on my own or do I have a trainer?

Classes have a trainer to provide an explanation of the workouts and give examples/instruction. At Legacy, each class is led by a trainer. Training will be done in small groups; that is where the fun,  competitiveness, and camaraderie come from. We do offer Open Gym Memberships for those looking to go it alone.

What is Open Gym?
Open gym is posted hours that do not conflict with our scheduled class times.
What should I bring?
A water bottle, towel, and a positive attitude are all that is you need.
Do I have to work out at a specific time?
No, we encourage our members to visit other class times and find what group or time works best for them.