House Rules

Be on Time.

Give yourself enough time to get stretched, changed, and get warmed-up. We understand that life happens at times…but being late every day is not acceptable. If you’re 15 min late or more then at that point your disrupting class and we ask that you come to another class time so you can get warmed up properly and avoid injury.

Come to class.

We recommend coming to class at least 3x a week. For newbies, make sure you’re staying consistent. For Veterans, don’t start thinking that it’s okay to just do your own thing whenever you want to. Guys don’t neglect cardio and focus just on strength and Ladies don’t focus on cardio and not your strengths. We can get better with some friendly competition and practice the basics will still make everyone better.

Clean Up.

Put stuff away. CLEAN up your sweat, blood, and other bodily fluids. Pick up your used tape, white boards, markers, chalk, band-aids, water bottles and sweaty clothes. Put away all the equipment you used back where it belongs. Stack the boxes neatly, put the bars away, stack the plates in order, hang up your jump ropes.

Chalk Stays in the Chalk Bucket.

Don’t take it on a field trip around the gym, don’t use it to write on the floor. While we’re on the subject, don’t write on anything except on white boards.

Respect the Equipment.

Drop as a last resort. Put things down gently. Dropping weight should be a necessity, not a convenience. Bumpers are designed for emergency dropping, not dropping every rep of “3 Amigos”. ALWAYS keep your weight under control. NEVER drop an empty barbell. NEVER drop a kettlebell or dumbbell. Our equipment was expensive, and the more we have to replace it, the more we’re going to have to charge you.

Bring Things to Our Attention.

If you notice that equipment is broken, lights are out, there’s no toilet paper, bring it to our attention so we can do something about it.

Check Your Ego at the Door.

We are all here to get better and healthier and be the best versions of ourselves. Let’s focus on that.

Try Hard. Effort Earns Respect.

Work hard. Don’t drag people down with a bad attitude. We understand you love the people that you workout with. We love the gym community, but when class starts…It’s time to WORKOUT. Be optimistic, have fun and push yourself and those around you to do better.

Don’t Cheat.

No one cares what your score was. Everyone cares if you cheated. Be honest with everyone else, and be honest with yourself. You know what full range of motion is, so there’s no excuse for shoddy reps. If someone calls you out for doing something wrong, not going low enough, ball not going high enough, etc… don’t take it personally, listen to them, so you can get better. A lot of times the person standing around watching you work out has a much better perspective on what you’re doing than you do. They’re breathing gently and you’re working hard and short of breath.


If you lose count, the next number is always 1. If you know you have trouble keeping count, ask a trainer or someone to count for you especially if it’s for the BOARD.

Take ownership. Be responsible and respectful and take pride in your gym. Don’t let others get away with things that are bad for them or bad for the gym. If you see someone doing something that you’re pretty sure will hurt them, tell them to cut it out and grab a trainer. We don’t care who it is — if Cory is doing Romainians with a rounded back, you can call him out! Safety first!